When Was The First Record Made?

When many people think of records they often get a vision of the age of classic rock, but records have actually been around for much longer than many realize. The very first record was created by Thomas Edison in 1877 on a piece of tin foil, and featured Edison reciting Mary Had a Little Lamb. Edison continued to perfect his invention, and eventually created records in the form of wax cylinders, which began being sold in the 1880s. The disc-shaped records that are most familiar to people today were conceived by Emilie Berliner in 1889, and were a tiny five inches in diameter and played on a specially made hand-cranked record player.
Records became larger in the early 1900s and expanded to ten or twelve inches, which could allow for more than four minutes of continuos playback. Record technology continued to improve in quality and accessibility throughout the 1920s, but the first modern vinyl record was released by RCA in 1931. At first it was used only for unusual and specialized recording purposes, but its heavy use during the Second World War made it apparent that vinyl was the most durable record material, and it became the standard material for records of all sizes throughout the rest of the 20th century.

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