Is There Money In Collecting Old Records?

Record collecting is one of the most popular hobbies in the world! However, like with most hobbies, there’s a certain method that collectors should take into account. If a collector would eventually like to sell his or her old records for cash, it’s important to first understand the supply and demand of certain records. It is also important to pay very close attention to the overall condition of the actual record, cover included.

If you’re looking for absolute top dollar on some of your old records, make sure the record is in excellent condition. This means, that there are no scratches on the record and the actual jacket to the album does not have any wear. At times, the cover of the album is worth more than the actual album because some people collect the art on old records. Also, records that are easy to find and were high in demand are usually worth a lot less than albums that are rare and only have a limited number printed. For example, some of the most valuable records are records such as: Beatles – White Album UK 1968, Velvet Underground and Nico 1966 and Sex Pistols- God Save The Queen 77′.

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