How Much Is Old Records Worth?

One thing that is certainly collectible is old vinyl. However, as with every collector’s market, not every record is valuable. Figuring out what records hold value requires some knowledge. However, once you know the difference, finding valuable vinyl at antique stores, garage sales and elsewhere won’t be that difficult.

First, the record should have popularity. However, you shouldn’t only be looking for groups and artists that achieved mainstream success like the Beatles and Queen. You should also be aware of artists that have cult followings. For example, Les Baxter’s the Ritual of the Savage or Tomita’s the Planets may not be known most people, but these are both valuable records.Check out this link here.

The second factor is rarity. The Beastie Boys’ Licensed to Ill, which went platinum several times, isn’t exactly valuable. Comparatively, their earlier records like Cookie Puss or Pollywog Stew are much more valuable in part because very few copies of these records were pressed.

Third, you need to look for records in good condition. Records that are very scratched up and have badly damaged artwork are unlikely to go for much with collectors. Instead, look for records that are in the best condition possible. New and sealed albums always go for the most money.

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